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Moshe Kaplan,
MD-CEO and Co-Founder

Moshe is an psychoimmunologist, using mind, body and soul integration to achieve optimal health and well being. He was an All-American lacrosse player and a decorated Major in the US Armed Forces. Moshe co-founded the Wellness Medical Clinics, which applies wellness concepts to practical reality. He is the co-author of a curriculum used in medical schools as a model for an ideal health care delivery system. He serves as a Medical Director of Magen David Adom and has compiled two books, “A Wholly Life” and “Be A Mensch.” In 2010, Moshe co-founded Be A Mensch, an educational program that upgrades the basic values in Israeli society. An accompanying book is being published. He also founded Recnac, a company that has produced the world’s first all natural, science based immune booster, Negda, which caused death of cancer cells in a recent trial.

Mordechai Geduld,
Director and Co-Founder

Mordechai Geduld co-founded Be A Mensch with Moshe Kaplan in 2010. Mordechai has been involved in various educational programs and projects for the past 35 years. He was the senior editor of “Anachnu Lo Levad,” a book sponsored entirely by Israeli business magnate Ilan Ben Dov. It sold over 100,000 copies. Mordechai’s website, http://2001principle.com, has become a resource in Philosophy Departments of universities all over the globe and was described by Time Magazine’s “Entertainment Weekly,” as “brainy and sharp looking.”

Benny Gur,
CEO of "Mesimot"

Benny Gur is CEO of “Mesimot”
and Strategic Fundraising Consultant to “Be A Mensch” jconnects.com.
Benny has over 30 years of experience in managing fundraising in large and well-known organizations and institutions in Israel.
Benny is VP of the “Mechon Lev” School of Technology and CEO of Friends of Yeshiva Merkaz HaRav.
His professional experience encompasses diverse fields of activity and he has raised many millions of dollars in Israel and abroad.

Gavriel Sanders,
Marketing Operations

Gavriel has more than ten years in Jewish public relations and marketing, more than twenty years in professional, commercial, and creative copywriting, and more than thirty years’ experience in marketing and business development. Gavriel was a founding partner of ARX Accurate Specialty Pharmacy, a pharmaceutical laboratory. He has consulted for major companies like ArtScroll and EMS Capital Resources and has co-developed the Kosher by Design Cookbook brand. Gavriel was the producer and host of Mah Nishma with Gavriel/The Gavriel Sanders Show and was a frequent program host on the TenakTalk YouTube Channel and – Hebrew for Fun & Prophet / The How & Wow of Hebrew Education.

Eli Shnapp,
Manager of the “Living Together” division

Eli Shnapp is manager of the “Living Together” division in the Jerusalem Intercultural Center.
Over a decade ago, Eli founded “Plugta” which connects the various sectors in Israeli society by way of study circles for managing disagreements.
Plugta had activities in academic institutions, local municipalities and more.
Be A Mensch has taken on the task of funding and running-together with Eli-Plugta’s program with
Hebrew University students for which they get course credits towards their BA.
The plan is to re-activate the program at the 6 other Universities in Israel where Plugta had this successful program.

Moshe Shacor,
Manager of the High School Unity Project

Moshe was the head manager of the “Tzavta” Program of the Ministry of Education. There, he coordinated the History curriculum for grades 6-8 throughout Israel. He organized the curriculum by core subjects and built in components that focus on theoretical study and knowledge acquisition. Moshe worked for years with educational programs in pre-military academies and high schools, also arranging special weekend events. Today, he manages the High School Unity Project, a project of Be A Mensch

Yehuda Shine,
Director of Operations

Yehuda is an educational consultant and curriculum developer for schools. He produces educational programs, leadership programs, training manuals, presentations, and videos for informal education and youth movements. Yehuda is the founder of the Equality Now movement, a non-political, social movement that encompasses tens of thousands of people including secular, religious and Charedi. Equality Now promotes education of values such as tolerance, solidarity, equality and social justice. He is also the founder of Chemla for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals.

Chaim Oren,
Director of Marketing

Chaim is the co-founder of Ruach Tova, a nation-wide volunteering organization. He served as the Marketing Director for the nonprofit Essence of Life and helped launch YNET’s Volunteering Channel, Israel’s leading online volunteering platform.
Chaim’s consulting firm advises nonprofit organizations and companies in the fields of marketing, branding, and fundraising in Israel and abroad. He has worked with the leading international marketing agencies and organizations, including Young & Rubicam, McCann, Ruder Finn, Tupperware Brands, and Jupiter Research. Early in his career, Chaim co-founded Zoëtics Inc., a Manhattan-based marketing consulting firm, which advised Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Kraft-General Foods, Eastman Kodak, Time Warner, Procter & Gamble, KPMG, and Avon.

Yaakov Karta,

Yaakov Karta is a CPA and lawyer. Yaakov began at a large accounting firm and was quickly accepted to a prestigious inspectors course that the Tax Authority offers to accountants, economists, and lawyers. Immediately after completing the course, Jacob was assigned as an inspector at the Shoma Holon office. From there, he began a second career in academia, teaching payroll, bookkeeping, and accounting to students at Machon Lev, the Hebrew University, the Rupin Academic Center, and the Ono Academic College, where he continues to serve as a senior professional lecturer in a variety of tax courses. Yaakov served as a professional advisor to the Director General of the Tax Authority, representing the Tax Authority in Knesset committees. Upon his retirement, Yaakov opened a boutique office specializing in complex tax laws.

David Goldberg,

David is a lawyer and family mediator. He has studied psychology, management and negotiation, family mediation, fundraising, organizational management, and graphology. He is an extremely good communicator, creative and charismatic.